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and find lasting calm, balance and empowerment.

Consult days and locations


Rebalance Wellness Clinic

2/13 Rosebud Parade, Rosebud VIC 3939

Phone: (03) 5924 0791


Mount Eliza

Koornalla Crescent, Mount Eliza VIC 3930

Phone: 0455 464 892


Hi, I'm Kim

I'm passionate about sharing the wisdom and incredible healing power of our body.

You can create and sustain balance, calm, vitality and empowerment every moment of every day.

Ready to take your well-being journey into your own hands? I'm here to support you. 

"Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration. Through awareness of the body, we remember who we really are."

- Jack Kornfield


Holding Hands


Stress, nutrition and emotional blockages result in dis-ease. By better understanding your unique needs, the innate healing power of your body will bring you back to balance, resulting in reduction or elimination of pain, more energy, greater clarity, focus and and general



I love working with parents and children, to bring deeper understanding and fulfilment into family life. Changes to environment, social, physical and emotional experiences can create confusion and stress. Awareness and support can help parents and children alike, find empowerment, deeper, meaningful connections with each other. 


Inner and outer healing means bravely looking inside to acknowledge and release what no longer serves us. Healing enables profound growth and transformation, life-changing revelations that bloom into a more joyful, fulfilling and vibrant life.  


"I've returned to the practise of mindfulness many times before. Taking direction from various teachers who have helped me implement presence into my life. But there was something about the way Kim explained mindfulness where I understood it in a way that I've never fully encompassed before. It's like something finally clicked.


This incredible realisation coupled with Kim’s gentle and manner of ease in all things is why I highly recommend her Kinesiology to bring me back to balance and Mindfulness mentoring to keep me there."

N.P Conti
- Author
@N.P Conti

"The thing I found different about Kim is this really calming energy, which made the session feel still emotional, yet in this really positive and safe way. I felt less overwhelmed than I did in some other sessions I’ve tried and I really loved it.


I think Kim brings something really different and creates a very calm, safe and a positive experience."

Heidi Z
- Co-Founder of Cerebral/ Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI)


"I came to Kim with an emotional goal to be able to express myself in my work more freely. Kim gave some great, thorough insights & also helped me really understand how it shows in my body.


I highly recommend her as the treatment I had was so powerful in the most subtle way, I was able to release emotion related to my goal to move forward to the next step, Thank you Kim."

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Melbourne, Victoria

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