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"Learning to positively cope with stress is the foundation of healthy relationships,

learning and mental health"

- Dr. Stuart Shanker


As parents and carers, sometimes we worry or would like to know how we can better support the unique needs of our kids. Kinesiology can offer awareness and understanding to foster stronger and deeper connections.

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Learning is a life time exploration and to nurture love for learning, Kinesiology can facilitate improved brain hemisphere integration, improved brain function through increased and sustained energy that powers the brain, and address any damaging beliefs, perceptions or past experiences that limit a child to learn at their full potential and ability.

Woman Tutoring Child

The world is a big place...

Change in our environment, life circumstances, school, friendships, family and even changes in our own body can be daunting and stressful. Kinesiology can help bring ease, resilience and understanding for a healthy acceptance and transition to changes in the big inner and outer world.

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Success isn't just about preparing for academic and career life. It's also about enjoying the magic in every moment, understanding and accepting one-self, learning and developing emotional, mental, physical and energetic well-being. Through Kinesiology and mindfulness (i.e. mental and emotional regulation), we can support and guide our kids to thrive and succeed in a balanced, pro-active and whole-being way.

Happy Children

Emotional well-being

"The ability of teens to regulate and control emotions is linked to how well they're able to manage stress. Teens who successfully deal with stress are better positioned to handle life's challenges. This is because when adolescents are unable to manage stress they have greater difficulty solving problems." 

- Allison Gilbert, Supporting Emotional Health.  

Kinesiology and Mindfulness (i.e. emotional and mental regulation) is all about managing stress in the mind and body. Both can support kids by facilitating stress release and also tools and techniques to manage potential stress triggers. 

Children Praying

Understanding our body

Awareness of how our body feels is very important feedback for us to know how we are feeling emotionally and therefore how we choose to respond to a situation or stimuli. This is key to emotional regulation. As kids, we learn to understand our body signals (i.e. when to go to the toilet) and how to regulate those emotional feelings in our body - but only through practice, practice and more practice.


As parents and carers, we play a vital role in teaching our kids to understand our body and how to respond (not react). Each 'meltdown' is a valuable opportunity to demonstrate and practice regulation. 


Kinesiology can bring a child to a balanced, calm and grounded place, mindfulness and awareness activities provide ongoing tools and techniques for you and your child to practice understanding body signals and responding (not reacting) to external triggers. 

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