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Wherever you are,

be there totally.

- Eckhart Tolle

Rock Balancing

My Story

I'm a mum of 2 little rascals, I own 2 busy restaurants, and a growing catering business... AND I have an insatiable appetite to learn - I know what a stressful, fast-paced and busy life-style can be like!

I put everyone else's needs first,

I didn't listen to my body,

I ate nutrient-poor food,

I was quick to frustration and overwhelm,

I was running on empty and ended up exhausted, in pain, confused, frazzled and at wits-end. 

Juggling parenting, school, family, work, life-admin, life challenges and our own general mental, emotional, energetic and physical health - overload!

Through mindfulness meditation first, and later in life, Kinesiology, I've found freedom from 'the race' against time, deep inner peace and balance - through awareness, perspective and much more - so that my cup is full for myself, my family and community.

Don't get me wrong, I have my off days. Some days can be overwhelming, some days I still lose my cool - but now, I know my triggers, I listen to my body, I observe my reactions - and these days are perfect opportunities to practice what I have learnt over the past 17 years as a mindfulness practitioner and now, as a Kinesiologist.

I now have the tools, insights, experience and wisdom to ground myself through the storm. To find the magic in every moment. To live a life of abundance, wonder, sovereignty and vitality. 

And most importantly, inner spiritual growth and transformation. 



My Approach

I was so awed by my experience of Kinesiology that I needed to immerse myself into understanding how it works. 

Seeing the life changing way Kinesiology can bring peace, understanding and healing to myself and clients, I have now transitioned from running my beautiful restaurants, to being of service to my clients as a Kinesiologist - so that others can also experience the transformative power of Kinesiology. 

I help by facilitating the innate healing powers of your body. You, and your body do the real magic.

I believe in a holistic and pro-active approach to well-being. We are energetic beings, having a physical experience. And so for true well-being, one must look at all aspects of who we are on all levels; emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual. 

I am an advocate of emotional awareness, emotional regulation and body-sensation awareness (interoception).

I create a warm, safe and open space for you, and in your own time, we work together to achieve the goals and intentions you set.

Your well-being is in your hands. 

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