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A healthy environment = A healthy You

Our external environment has a significant influence on our well-being. From the quality of food and water we consume (packaging, ingredients, pesticides), the quality and access to air and light and exposure to ‘noise’ can drain our energy (bright flashing lights, bombarded of visual input or noises, electronic devices).

A change in environment

Harry* moved to the Peninsula in early 2022 and there was a noticeable change in his immune system. He was catching colds more often, his sleep quality declined, his skin had eczema around his shoulders and back, his mood fluctuated, and he was clingier with mum. Mum was feeling overwhelmed and wanted to work on boosting Harry’s immune system.

Finding the root cause

Kinesiology is energy medicine. Everything begins on an energetic level before manifesting into physicality. When we balance energy in the body, we allow homeostasis to return. Kinesiology is a holistic modality because it views any dis-ease, pain or symptom, as the body’s way of communicating an imbalance that has occurred. We aim to strengthen the entire eco-system of the body.

In Kinesiology, we find the root cause of the imbalance. The ‘stone in the shoe’ so to speak. Without finding the root cause of an issue, anything else would be a band aid or temporary fix to mask an issue, which will most likely return if the ‘stone’ isn’t found and removed. Once found, the innate healing power of the body works to rebuild and strengthen well-being.

Using muscle testing to investigate and confirm, we tested Harry’s body to determine what it needed to achieve the goal of ‘a strong and healthy immune system’ and found:

1. An apparent* excess in Zinc: Zinc is an important mineral to have in our body, to support a healthy immune system and prevent infections, colds and viruses. But with all things, balance is the key. Harry had an apparent excess of zinc in his body. He did not take supplements containing zinc, so we investigated his food source. Lamb was the culprit. Since moving to the Peninsula, Harry began eating solids, and one of his favourite meals was lamb cutlet. Lamb, it turns out, is a very high source of zinc. Harry’s body was unable to process and eliminate this high level of zinc. Checking with Harry’s body, we determined lamb should be removed from his diet for at least 3 months. At that later date, we could re-test and see if lamb could be re-introduced and how much Harry’s body would be able to digest without affecting a healthy zinc balance.

2. An apparent* excess in Aluminium: Harry’s mum had always been conscious of packaging and its affect on the body. Before moving to their new home on the Peninsula, she had purchased food packaged in glass jars i.e. tuna. Since moving to the Peninsula, she was unable to find a local grocer that stocked glass packaged produce and so she temporarily purchased canned goods. Canned packaged food leaks aluminium and this change affected the balance in Harry’s body, also affecting his immune system.

3. An apparent* deficiency in Vit E and Vit C – this surprised Harry’s mum, as she tries to ensure Harry eats a fantastic diet enriched with Vitamins and minerals, particularly Vit E. After further investigating, we determined the need for higher-than-normal levels of Vit E was caused by the water quality in their home. Vitamin E is used in our skin as a skin protection barrier. Certain areas of the Mornington Peninsula have old piping, which with time, begin to corrode and contaminate the water quality with iron, copper, lead, zinc and cadmium. To combat this contamination, higher levels of chlorine are added to the water source to improve its quality. These substances, however, can build up in a body causing an imbalance, especially in a young children. Harry’s body was needing high quantities of Vit E to keep these external environmental substances out whenever exposed (bath time, washing hands, water play etc). Harry’s mum and I discussed investigating the water quality in their new home and install a quality filtration system.

*We say apparent because the substance can/could be the optimal level, however the body for numerous reasons cannot break down and absorb or remove/eliminate the substance from the body.


Two months following our initial consult for Harry

  • Is now sleeping through the night

  • Has a stronger immune system and had not caught a cold since the consult. Harry did catch a stomach bug off a friend, and a short stint of teething, but overall has remarkedly improved

  • Is much happier, with more energy and a stable mood

  • Is no longer clingy with mum, dad is now able to settle him at night, and he successfully started part time care with a nanny (weaning was also part of this process)

  • Has resolved his eczema, which had completely cleared from his shoulders and back

Thank you to Harry and his mum for sharing this amazing healing story! I am most grateful to support you on your well-being journey!

Acknowledgement and thanks to

Nicole Hutcheson – Chi Kinesiology School

^name changed for client confidentiality.

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